trio puce Assistance to Contracting Authority (AMO)...

            Financial and technical feasibility study
            Public and private works programming
            Advice and decision-making support
            Project management
            Technico-economic assistance from beginning to end
            Advice and real estate management support

> > Advice in sustainable development: proposal of the environmental profile ranking 14 targets according to the issues involved, and  Operations Management system set-up and monitoring.

trio puce Economics (Eco)...

            General and particular diagnoses
            Estimation of the works in all stages: draft, pre-detailed project, detailed projects, projects, tendering package
            Drafting technical and administrative documents
            Drawing up schedules of rates
            Assessment of offers and clarification of markets
            Financial monitoring of operations, checks on modifications and technical memorandum
            Tracking of monthly advances and general and definitive amounts

> > Awareness of the sustainable development: answer to the environmental profile held back by a support to the bioclimatic conception and to the choices of materials minimizing the impact on the environment and the health, costing to compare the different envisaged technical solutions.

trio puce Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordination (OPC)...

            Phasing study
            Works schedule
            Schedule of payments
            Works coordination
            Assistance in preparation for handover
            Support to the preliminary operations in the reception
            Monitoring punch list
            Legal support

> > Sustainable development measures: drafting on charter on minimising the environmental impact of the construction (waste disposal, conservation of water resources, energy, liaising with local residents, use of non-polluting materials).